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$49.99/Mo Internet

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Here’s why you’ll love Fiber

25x faster upload speeds
than cable

Comparison of Internet 1000 wired upload connection speed to Xfinity, Spectrum & COX 1Gig and 1.2Gig service with uploads of 35 Mbps.

More bandwidth than cable

Based on combined upload and download capacity of Internet 300, 500 and 1000 vs. Xfinity, Spectrum & Cox 400, 500, 600, 1GIG and 1.2GIG service with uploads of 20 and 35mbps.


Consistently fast speed, even at peak times

Based on wired connection to gateway.

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Explore our best tools, services, emerging technologies, plus solutions to help your business thrive. You’ll get:

Dedicated 24/7 customer care

99.9% network reliability*

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